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  • Thulasi plays
    Thulasi plays

    you win all game this time

  • Joyann Tucker
    Joyann Tucker


  • Dul Bora
    Dul Bora


  • Call of Duty Gamer
    Call of Duty Gamer

    How do you not know you can just swim out

  • Dul Bora
    Dul Bora

    Don't cry slogo

  • Monica Bernardino
    Monica Bernardino

    Holy SH I T

  • Ethan Kline-Davila
    Ethan Kline-Davila

    one near birch tree other on the floor and other hiding as leaves

  • tuber

    Jelly iam big fan pls play with iamsanna i miss her do you guys miss her too

  • Girija Manian
    Girija Manian

    Leaf dirt tree

  • Akshat Verma
    Akshat Verma


  • Krishnaraj G
    Krishnaraj G

    well you're evil 😂😂

  • Korsak Cheawutikul
    Korsak Cheawutikul


  • Korsak Cheawutikul
    Korsak Cheawutikul

    3:::::::5555555555555 et

  • Chanel Florendo
    Chanel Florendo

    Me me me!!!

  • Josh Wolf
    Josh Wolf

    In the grass, in the grass from a tree and the white black striped color wood

  • YouTube Mxdz74
    YouTube Mxdz74

    I miss this trio


    bruuh i dint see the birch wood

  • InnerButter

    Nintendo Direct Future me comment to this what happens

  • Dev's sports IQ
    Dev's sports IQ

    Crainer blow up the wall no josh

  • Lisa Baptiste
    Lisa Baptiste

    Jelly is one of the best you tubers I know

  • Samir Kwiek
    Samir Kwiek

    I like colour of red and purple bow

  • Yeet Dem
    Yeet Dem

    It is tree

  • Vien Benedick
    Vien Benedick

    I'm really injoy this series

  • Michelle Chong
    Michelle Chong

    But how about if jelly have a skippy t shirt

  • Jackie Waterman
    Jackie Waterman

    Birch tree,oak tree and bottom right corner

  • Zhi The Gamer
    Zhi The Gamer

    1st birch tree 2nd oak leaf 3rd grass

  • Brandon Charboneau
    Brandon Charboneau

    i came after crainers video and bork is still alive so jelly if your reading my comment your a good person

  • Tadej Dodovski
    Tadej Dodovski

    Birch leafs dirt people at the start of video

  • Little D
    Little D

    In the tree and the leaves and rite in. Front of us

  • Michelle Chong
    Michelle Chong

    Well everyone

  • John kenneth
    John kenneth

    The trip wire

  • Denise Davidson
    Denise Davidson

    Actually alot of people add the topper cap on the back and its really fast huh because you just upgraded it

  • John kenneth
    John kenneth

    Slogoman mess up

  • Mariyam Qasim
    Mariyam Qasim


  • Mariyam Qasim
    Mariyam Qasim


  • Max Williamson
    Max Williamson

    Ur so funny

  • Landin Lamb
    Landin Lamb

    I ongly saw two people in the intro

  • June Rey Tolentino
    June Rey Tolentino

    Jelly the belly

  • Nadia wills36
    Nadia wills36

    Hey hey jelly I want you to blow up the house and make but TNT on FIbill wrong

  • gravel is true anoying block ever
    gravel is true anoying block ever

    Camo hide n seek is look like ez to find it

  • Siniya ahaan
    Siniya ahaan

    What is in the desert what is in the lyf 1S in the world Vena Macha Vena

  • Destiny Andrews
    Destiny Andrews

    I love this dude

  • Aansh Saha 4E
    Aansh Saha 4E

    These skins are AMAZING!!!

  • Veia•Cutie

    Grass wood and a tree grass were the people on intro

  • Zaid Alaskari
    Zaid Alaskari

    Can you make a gta video

  • Jeymitran

    Only true ogs will remember the OLD CASTLE

  • Leo Ivan
    Leo Ivan



    Uhm skippy despawned jelly soz for your loss maybe next time dont go too far but i think that was crainers fault i dont even know whats happening to this series anymore

  • jelfil jeen
    jelfil jeen

    Crainer: ..... Hehehehehe Slogo: crainer is literally infront of you Jelly: Searching everything and everywhere Me: Laughing at the how jelly is blind 😂😂😂

    • gamercat maser
      gamercat maser

      do you know He said what the hell

  • Cameron Matson
    Cameron Matson

    I sold 2 of them

  • Darko Mihajlol
    Darko Mihajlol

    Trcre gras liht

  • Dean Ghaz
    Dean Ghaz

    Jelly who blow up your wall it's crainer it's not Josh he put a tnt and blow up your wall

  • Henry Calderon
    Henry Calderon

    they where in tree, tree, floor

  • Shann Linas
    Shann Linas


  • Elsie Haleed
    Elsie Haleed

    one is at the birch tree hiding another one is hiding in the trees leaf and the last one is in the grass

  • June Rey Tolentino
    June Rey Tolentino

    Jelly I really really think you need to check your eye on eq

  • Anand Sethinamvong
    Anand Sethinamvong

    Tree wood, corner and the tree leaf

  • Mary Thuo
    Mary Thuo

    Jelly we want more snipers vs thieves

    • Mary Thuo
      Mary Thuo

      Best aidia

  • Jane Genio
    Jane Genio


  • ThE ErrOr_
    ThE ErrOr_

    One guys is camo as a birch tree and one is the grass block and the last guys is the leaves

  • Ruffa C.
    Ruffa C.

    epic clip this👉 3:00

  • Magnetick HID
    Magnetick HID

    Jelly will you still do a "Speedrunner Vs Hunter" Again?

  • Mark anthony Lapez
    Mark anthony Lapez



    Find three tame tag good luck :)!

  • Rob Kelly
    Rob Kelly

    Jelly you should TP to krannert to find his spot next time

  • Marlene Lidene
    Marlene Lidene

    I saw them the tree the green tree thing and in the corner 🥰💗

  • muhammad hussain
    muhammad hussain

    I think Josh built the beat boat.

  • M.Safwan Z
    M.Safwan Z

    Mmm that birch wood look sus

  • Shanty George
    Shanty George

    I wish I could get a heart by jelly

  • Chevy Honeysette
    Chevy Honeysette

    the leaves and the wood and the grass

  • Vutlharhi Emmanuel
    Vutlharhi Emmanuel

    Dang that last scratch card was cold

  • Rhea Wacan
    Rhea Wacan

    TEAM jelly😁

  • Republic Gamers
    Republic Gamers

    Jellys Kingdom

  • Sajid Khan
    Sajid Khan

    They are playing as thor and dont even know Odin

  • Miros play time Assaf
    Miros play time Assaf

    One next to your face one in front of the tree and one of the three that is white

  • Gab A
    Gab A

    Grass leave three

  • Ashley Garrett
    Ashley Garrett

    All three of them were by a tree the graph and the Wii on the tree

  • The Stoodley Family
    The Stoodley Family

    Grass birch leaf thats where the three hiders are

  • Jv Gardose
    Jv Gardose

    I saw it