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    Osama Mohamed

    Jelly songs love the best 😇😁💚💛💙💜🤎🤍🖤💚💛💙💜🤎🖤🤍🥰😇😇

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    Jen Duque

    Jelly said: mOoooO

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    Jo Ann Adams

    The first one is a god

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    Imeon L

    By the i forgot that there is an end portal underneath the lake

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    michael baco

    i,m not you tober

  • michael baco
    michael baco

    pley roblaks in brokheven weth your fred

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    Teresita lababit


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    Gilbert Basi

    I like ender man armor

  • How should I feel
    How should I feel

    Crainer: I want to craft Jelly skin Jell: 👋😞 Sogo’s mind: Bye bye old friends

  • Blueberry zxria
    Blueberry zxria

    I love it when crainer said “hey Jelly your my honey” 😭❤️ 🍯

    • Teresita lababit
      Teresita lababit


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    Taylor Myers

    Hi jelly i am new but i love yore vidos

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    make a collab with beckbrojack plsssss

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    I bet jelly killed beeny's brother

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    Crainer:and now i am a craeper boom. Jelly :hai

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    In Fortnight i used code jelly

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    Yeah man......

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    Its rare to jelly to Heary A Comment If your Comment got Hearted then you are Lucky and congrats

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    Shamsiah Mohd Jais

    Bruh drainer just break a window

  • كراش الافضل
    كراش الافضل

    “You guys are So Fast” Best roast ever…

    • KD

      Yea ur being dum not me

    • KD

      Super hom

    • KD

      Boom doom

    • KD

      No I’m not

    • KD


  • DDKing Playz
    DDKing Playz

    NO BEES ARE AWESOME (while killing them)………….NICE!

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    The_almighty RO

    Creeper armour = explosive Diarrhoea

  • Axel Rafael Garcia Perez
    Axel Rafael Garcia Perez

    Crainer: i want to where jelly skin

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    mari sayvarelidze


  • i love Dad Martinez
    i love Dad Martinez

    The cow one is kinda sus😶

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    Anthony Trujillo

    4:12 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee job for a. noob

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    Hey why don't you drop a like

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    Hi jelly this was saw cool & great job keep up the great work 😀

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    Pls make a series with no trolls plssssssss

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    I love 💕 jely

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    Jelly dream past you

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    polar yt

    crainer wearing beeny merch 7:14

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    I love ur vids and love new intro us much as benny. U really hope benny wons in this war Floppy is dum fish as crainer

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    Tristan Witti-Lopez

    Jelly your already a chicken 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Hecxael Villaverde
    Hecxael Villaverde

    he put bees in the one and only beenny stechow

  • Hecxael Villaverde
    Hecxael Villaverde

    in bee towne

  • Hecxael Villaverde
    Hecxael Villaverde

    jally craner did a troll

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    Jennifer Snodden

    You copied wisp

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    Aiden Acquah

    crainer is mad sus with jelly if you know what i mean

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    pig stuff makes my puke my food out

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    Hanung Anindita

    How To Get A Mob Armor Jelly?!

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    Yahoo Rob N

    Jelly: Bees are awesome! Me: You are killing one.

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      unruly Gamer

      I'm saying the samething🤣🤣🤣

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    When exactly did he make spider amour

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    kaylee sunflower girly🌸

    Is jelly with iamsanna still.?

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    Hin Hu

    The fact that jelly is enjoying killing the bees and doesn't get flashbacks of beeny the bee 😂😂

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    winnie the pooh

    I think Jelly killed beeny here

  • Cofibot360

    among us the best game >;(

  • Ben Deeznutsover
    Ben Deeznutsover

    The face jelly made

  • Ben Deeznutsover
    Ben Deeznutsover

    The face jelly made


    He didnt realize that jelly killed all of beeneys family😢😢😢

  • George _XD
    George _XD

    I hope those bees aren't from bee town

  • Todoroki


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    John Terence Daga

    benny in home jelly is killing be ;-;

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    Prisaa Khadka

    Why do you play with dumb guys

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    Crainer is sus


    Thanks for using my mod😍

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    naitsirhcleda TV

    i saw a creeper in the cave that they open the chest

  • Ace aldrich DG. Dela Rosa
    Ace aldrich DG. Dela Rosa

    jelly is wering a enderman armor jelly go to the water and jelly is not dieing with a enderman armor wwaaatthhhh

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    Aizen Yancey

    Jelly’s face when crabber said he wanted to wear jelly’s skin

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    Jacob Regalado

    Crainer looks like technoblade 🐷🐷

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    Saul Dominguez

    You know if the like button has Armour you won't be able to hit it.

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    Hey Joey I am a biggest fan I guess videos

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    Crainer has a crush on jelly hahahahahaha

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    Hi jelly you shood Troll C rainer in bee town

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    “Instulled” lol

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    Trillion trying to join your channel but I can’t I have to sign in I don’t know why I wish I can join

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    =yttfrezfgffttttddrrygferfgggggg fee dedffffrdfftgftttggtggyytttttyyyggttffftrtrfgyyyyyyyyygyggggggtttttgg

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    Louise Fussey

    your the best FIbillr ever

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    Jiyon's Art

    Jelly crainer blew your bee town

  • Rishab and shashu vlogs
    Rishab and shashu vlogs

    Jelly copied bionic

  • Jorge Augusto Escobar Gonzalez
    Jorge Augusto Escobar Gonzalez

    Jelly crainer is hiding his survival island diamonds under his secret house under the stairs

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    good pro

    crainer:I wanna wear jelly skin Jelly:*confused* Slogo:jelly is not a cow

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    You should do hunters vs speed runners bee armor

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    "I milk myself" ~ Jelly 2021


    Video was seen by G.R

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    10:52 RTX 30 something

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    Nicole Curtis

    Slogo has a hidden dimond base I’m not sniching

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    Caballes Mc. Lee

    Can you beat the game with your self

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    Tittle - I crafted new spider armour Me : there was no spider armour 😕😕😕 😥

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    If Benny is watching jelly bee prepared

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    Hey pepa

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    Drainers the breaker window

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    SAIUTTAM2003 Paruchuru

    jelly crainer has a secreat base under his old secreta base in survival island his first ladders down break the block and he will have the secreat base and he also stole your diamonds

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    salam darwich

    Jelly caner stole you diamod

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    Andrea b God of the multi verse

    Jelly turned into benny

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    Nice video g! Wassup lad!

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    I want make a town called Sheep town