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  • The John & Travis LEGO Channel
    The John & Travis LEGO Channel

    Jelly It’s Not Bee Juice, It’s Bee vomit 🤮

  • Utsav Sharma
    Utsav Sharma

    9:08 capture card glitch.

  • Carmen de villiers
    Carmen de villiers

    I'm sure it ,s slogo I am not on his side

  • Moo Taw
    Moo Taw

    jelly it was floppy because i watch his video

  • Nicholas. A
    Nicholas. A

    Ur right fish say blob but bees say bz so what noise is better??

  • Bolly Bolivar
    Bolly Bolivar

    You know thats not bork

  • Fabian Desouza
    Fabian Desouza


  • Cj Carpio
    Cj Carpio


  • Maria Espinoza
    Maria Espinoza


  • C1 Certi
    C1 Certi

    Crainer is building a house next to me

  • C1 Certi
    C1 Certi

    Jelly said he got a pet beenny

  • Serag Tabaee
    Serag Tabaee

    Can you make a movie of all episodes together

    • Serag Tabaee
      Serag Tabaee

      Yes ok.

  • Mir 06
    Mir 06


  • Manikya A
    Manikya A

    Jelly logo did not blew the wall crainer did it

  • Jamie Tuel
    Jamie Tuel

    Jelly’s salty since he lost

  • Javier Chee
    Javier Chee

    do dream SMP like game

  • Fatima Abrahams
    Fatima Abrahams

    You will have lost the war I don't like you

  • George Liao
    George Liao


  • Easton Solis
    Easton Solis

    Jelly watch out when you go in Benny starchu josh put a wire there and it will blow up it oh an oh and josh let Benny go. 🫑🫑🫑also this was the closed thing that looked like your logo

  • Girija Manian
    Girija Manian


  • Girija Manian
    Girija Manian

    Pls make afk fish farm

  • Girija Manian
    Girija Manian

    He made a secret base under a secret base under it it's the clone Bork factory

  • Jayaraj Bishwakarma
    Jayaraj Bishwakarma

    The overtaker

  • Girija Manian
    Girija Manian

    Slogo man and crainer blew up the wall

  • Girija Manian
    Girija Manian

    Make a afk fish farm

  • Girija Manian
    Girija Manian

    Slogo man made a tripwire trap at big beeny

  • Kate Bello
    Kate Bello

    logo killed Beeny

  • Kate Bello
    Kate Bello

    can you make more bee town episodes please

  • mohamad asraf Mokhtar
    mohamad asraf Mokhtar

    hi jelly

  • Habiba Hakiem
    Habiba Hakiem

    in survival island crainer has a secret base under his secret base

  • Jazztine Saldua
    Jazztine Saldua

    Why you haven't uploaded bee town

  • Mapeete Kouame
    Mapeete Kouame

    JELLY, a FIbillr called FLOPPY THE FISH KILLED Beeny by hacking into the server

  • Busay Falls
    Busay Falls

    jelly somebody hack into town

  • Raj Daggumelli
    Raj Daggumelli

    Jelly be careful don't press lever on bee town wall craned is reason

  • Kyle Gutierrez
    Kyle Gutierrez

    Slogman hi has a seret baes

  • Kyle Gutierrez
    Kyle Gutierrez

    He has secret base or should i say own base

    • Kyle Gutierrez
      Kyle Gutierrez


  • Kyle Gutierrez
    Kyle Gutierrez

    Slogo made borkdogs it was just prank slogo

  • Jesus Junio
    Jesus Junio

    Im A Fan Of You Now Jelly I Live in 🇩🇯

  • My_Dog_ is_a_Demon
    My_Dog_ is_a_Demon

    Play again

  • Amber Madalang
    Amber Madalang

    Hey jelly Name beeny

  • krishna mohan kandareddy
    krishna mohan kandareddy

    Jelly be careful slogo rigged beanie house to blow up when you walk in ( There is a trip wire) Also crainer put tnt under your wall ans accidentaly made slogo blow the wall up

  • AOT Content
    AOT Content

    Actual Explanation: Jelly Started A Solo Minecraft Series And Found A Village And Named It "Slime City", Slogo Hacked To The Server Changing The Village Name Into "Chicken Town", Jelly Invited Crainer To Play, Crainer Also Changed The Name Into "Turtle Town", Crainer Wanted To Troll By Making A Town Called "Crainer City", The Town Didn't Last Long So Crainer Named It Again Differently "Cow Town", Jelly Got Tired Being Trolled So He Moved Out, Jelly Found A Place With A Big Lake And Named The Lake "Combo Lake" And The Place Has Bees In It, Jelly Named The Place "Bee Town", Crainer Found The Town, Crainer Decided To Move In, Slogo Felt Left Out So He Went Out To Find It, He Ended Up Finding It, Slogo Then Made A Base In A Side Of A Mountain, No One Knowing He Moved There, Crainer Found The Base, Jelly Found The Base, Then Slogo Just Made It More Public To Bee Town. . r/woosh

  • Thunderxxx1

    Slogo released beeny

  • Abro gamer
    Abro gamer


  • sudha prakash
    sudha prakash

    noooooooo. i love bee town. you build cute benny i love that build you did.but..

  • Ultra hazzard
    Ultra hazzard

    Jelly slogo made beeny free out of bee town

  • Kyle Gutierrez
    Kyle Gutierrez

    Slogo let beeni escaped

  • MLBB Villanueva
    MLBB Villanueva

    Server seedd reveal

  • Getty Jim
    Getty Jim

    Slogo Released your Bee (Beeny The Mayor)

  • Liam Sebastian To
    Liam Sebastian To

    Jelly floppy the fish killed beeny go to his channel floppy the fish

  • sweet dreams
    sweet dreams

    Jelly be careful Josh has planted TNT in your Beeny statue

  • Jesusa Jenielyn Valoria
    Jesusa Jenielyn Valoria

    Jelly slogo has put tnt trap in beenys statue


    So,WAR=TIE Slogo released Beeny and make you blow your own Bee

  • Satyan Panikar
    Satyan Panikar

    Where is our video

  • Knightcarlo Garcia
    Knightcarlo Garcia

    Jelly your Wall in Bee Town was covered with TNT at the bottom of your wall.Creiner put TNT on the bottom of your wall

  • Baljit Singh
    Baljit Singh

    1.17 new update you can make armor out of Amethyst shard and coaper

  • George Racel Bitarra
    George Racel Bitarra

    your Jeles

  • Philip Mathieu Gallego
    Philip Mathieu Gallego

    jelly slogo kills his pet dog and puting a trap in beeny home

  • San Thavy
    San Thavy

    There is a tnt troll in benny don't step on the tripwire and your gate was blown up.

  • One Gaming
    One Gaming

    Well... the reason floppy is the one that won the war cuz he's an og

  • moose moose
    moose moose

    Jelly slogo has put TNT inside of beenys statue watch out for the trip wire

    • Jinty Twin productions
      Jinty Twin productions

      He did but he doesn’t know how Redstone works

  • DamianYT

    hey jelly major benny got release

  • Kiro Jose
    Kiro Jose

    9:08 glitch

  • Dragon Elsasse
    Dragon Elsasse

    Jelly Crainer already did that to slogo man's dog put him in a minecart

  • Gina Insuasti
    Gina Insuasti

    Jelly there is a montein and slogo put his base their in the montein .

  • Aidan Limon
    Aidan Limon

    Jelly nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  • Aidan Limon
    Aidan Limon

    jelly cookie

  • Sori cruz
    Sori cruz

    Doesn't he know how much it cost to make a honey block cus he has some in bee tower

  • Jeam Ulysses
    Jeam Ulysses


  • Mark Haye
    Mark Haye

    Jelly josh has set A trap in the bee statue

  • Andrea Carr
    Andrea Carr

    More bee town

  • blaze gamer
    blaze gamer

    Jelly, slogo put a tnt trap in beenies bee statue, this isn't a troll, look for the trip wire hooks, there's tnt under it too, break the trip wire first

  • Gamer Kp
    Gamer Kp

    Slogo let out beeny and is trying to troll you

  • Jorge Becerra Moreno
    Jorge Becerra Moreno

    so.... watch out!!!

  • Adrian Vazquez
    Adrian Vazquez

    Warning: jelly has released mayor beeny from his Statue

  • Jorge Becerra Moreno
    Jorge Becerra Moreno

    josh let out beeny and he is going to blow up the beeny statue with trapwires and TNT

  • Rafael Hernández
    Rafael Hernández

    Jelly be careful slogoman set up a troll in Beenys statue be careful while entering te statue

  • Sairento !
    Sairento !

    Jelly, josh just released beenny the bee from his house and crainer and josh blew up you wall and be careful josh put tnt in your bee statue with tripwire

  • Ian Erter
    Ian Erter

    Jelly lost a war because floppy is better than beanie so he decides to punish Kraner who did nothing wrong

  • Knighten 2
    Knighten 2

    Isn’t it funny that Jelly has like 13 million more subscribers the craner Yet Craner wins the war. Fishes are better than bees

  • Mason Bell
    Mason Bell

    slogo is going to blow up benny dont fall for it

  • Jennie Russell
    Jennie Russell

    I got your Beenny Tshirt.

  • Marla Cunningham
    Marla Cunningham

    Someone hacked in o your world and made Benny mad

  • dan will
    dan will

    dont give ub you may have lost the battle but not the war remember slime city then turtle town thenall te other towns you will never lose the war it is never over only when the sires will end

  • Izhar lashari
    Izhar lashari

    Crainer put some tnt under the wall in bee town

  • Izhar lashari
    Izhar lashari


  • C1 Certi
    C1 Certi

    Crainers dumb fish

  • C1 Certi
    C1 Certi

    Beenny shirt team

  • C1 Certi
    C1 Certi

    Jelly said hello beenny

  • C1 Certi
    C1 Certi

    He lost the war in minecraft beetown

  • C1 Certi
    C1 Certi

    Jelly lost the war

  • Pablo Bison
    Pablo Bison

    Somebody killed beenny

  • Queen Salami Magnus
    Queen Salami Magnus

    Pleas reed my comment

  • Buddartha Buddu
    Buddartha Buddu

    Hey jelly when are you gonna loot the end-city

  • hamza omar
    hamza omar

    jelly someone hacked to your beetown hes name is floppy the fish it is a FIbill cannel

  • Cassie Moore
    Cassie Moore

    Jelly slogo's secret base is on the mountains

  • random channel
    random channel

    Jelly someone else killed beeny and hacked in so yea

  • lee SNgoh
    lee SNgoh

    Jelly someone hack into your server

  • Kinzang Namgay
    Kinzang Namgay

    You have been hacked by (floppy the fish!!)

  • vidya rani
    vidya rani

    Crainer put a lever in the wall don't ACTIVATE THE LEVER! IT'S TNT