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      Jaya Soburrun

      Hey can you please go to an end city you will get enchanted iron and diamond armour and not only that you will also get an elytra

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      Eli RiosB

      Someone have you game you get un youtuber tsunami tsunami. Námster

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      New Town is Sleep Town

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    Beanie is better than happy

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    1:34 :O you can be a narrator jelly


    Logo man is also in the water with work


    We kneesocks

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    rishi chandra

    Jelly’s Danish accent kills me. It’s funny but I feel terrible for laughing because it’s a little racist, I think.

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    I love beenny team I am name clone dhruvi to the bee

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    Like the video

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    Hi Dosen’t know that bred d spawn

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  • robertschaub1

    Jelly is so dum

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    Jelly josh was the one who got Beeny lost

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    Owen Van Brunt

    If your pet despones, it's your friend's fault

  • Sonia Shanks
    Sonia Shanks

    Jelly it would be be cool if you made a builder build a sculpture of you with A lead holding your bee would be pretty cool

  • Manan Khanna
    Manan Khanna

    I mean explode

  • Manan Khanna
    Manan Khanna

    Jelly do not enter your bee statue or it will explains

  • Abro gamer
    Abro gamer

    jelly this is important! you no josh have TNT in benny big house he made triple wire destroy or it will blast be careful please !!!!!!!!

  • Caleb Schnars
    Caleb Schnars

    It’s impossible for a town to be the best on the block 😂

  • Alvi Ahmed
    Alvi Ahmed

    all town should have a 2000x2000 block radius as he has broken this rule he shall be kicked

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  • Suryaansh Bhatnagar
    Suryaansh Bhatnagar

    A FIbillr named floppy the fish he hacked into your world and hit beeny and killed him

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    Noah Rodriguez

    Troll crainer with water all over his home.

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    I got Benny much jelly

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    You cooked Benny

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    Jelly and crainer are in a troll war and slogo is just there

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    Vangelis Kougianos

    Crainer didn't do it slogoman do it

  • Terri Kelly
    Terri Kelly

    Beenny is so cute. He should be the Maoir of cuteness 🙃

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    Jesita Rosario

    hey jelly, josh made a diamond pickaxe from your diamonds

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    Oh no

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      Pro Fortnite

      Josh killed your be

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    i told him crainer hahhahahahahahahahah

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    Amjad Ibrahim

    I sawa video about a small FIbiller called Floppy the fish he said I hacked in to jellys worl and he punged bennny saw i think he died 😥😢😭

  • Gary Wright
    Gary Wright

    Stealing floppy is pure evil even though Crainer didn't do anything to beeny he is gone because jelly did not put a name tag on him he should of thought harder

  • Dylan Mohamed
    Dylan Mohamed

    I watch the video

  • Dylan Mohamed
    Dylan Mohamed

    Jelly I know who killed your bee it’s a FIbill or hacked in your server

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    • David Enriquez
      David Enriquez

      or slogo

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    Gloween Linondo

    Beenny team

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    the future gaming

    Somebody hacked in and killed Beeny it was not crainer

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    Rhein Pimentel

    he did not steel beeney ok jelly

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    Prakash hpp

    he hacked your world and killed your beenny

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    Sorry im voting for crainer😋😋😋

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    Thijs slootweg

    Hi jelly can i please join the server cus i have noting to do (ps im going to start a channel to so can you give some tips)

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    Hey jelly , crainer is living under his previous underground base

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    jonathan paano

    Guys jelly and dream smiles dream mask jelly merch

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    jonathan paano

    Just kidding their brother jelly and dream are brothers

  • Jacob Regalado
    Jacob Regalado

    Jelly i snitch on slogo and i found his secret base and his cloning bork and he put a 0 theres a lever hiden in his new room yourwelcome jelly☺👍👍 and pls like my comment i help you👍

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  • Little Kitten
    Little Kitten

    bro just make another bee town video ive waited weeks pls make another

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  • Mancub Mayhem
    Mancub Mayhem

    Jelly: don’t tell where floppy is Me being on team floppy: yeah...right

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  • Dashmaa Enkhtaivan
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    Henry Worsfold

    He said 10 second I was doing it for an hour beanie WHYYYY!

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    Massimo Marques

    Jelly slogo has a secret base

  • Barnard Family Acct
    Barnard Family Acct

    Jelle, Josh has a secret lever and it opens a secret base where the real Bork is

  • Kerri Dodson
    Kerri Dodson

    Josh has a secret house behind the mountain you need to check it out its right behind the mountain that Josh use to live in!!!

  • ayan waqas
    ayan waqas

    10 seconds of silence for beeinamincart 😭

  • Jacob coolcat
    Jacob coolcat

    Crainer still lives in b-town just just because he said he moved his town Crainer does still live in b-town he he just don't realize it

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    N King Vlogs

    Slug has scert bas in his bed room

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    Benny is the best

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  • Ayush Routray
    Ayush Routray


  • Ayush Routray
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  • KarioxYT

    who else misses ploppy

  • Sophie Pratt
    Sophie Pratt

    Josh made a diamond pickace with your diamonds

  • Zero Two
    Zero Two

    I think beeny accidentally step on the campfire and died 😂

  • Euan Carylle Batalla
    Euan Carylle Batalla

    beild a slimetown

  • Tyrese Smith
    Tyrese Smith

    Jelly you know bee in the minecart right slogoman free him from the Minecraft cart and fly away and also beeney is alive you cover up the bee hive with the sign and also Crainer add three more bees in the beeney the mayor house so go check it out hop this comment help yooouuuuu😁😁😁😁😁

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    Isky 7782

    Jelly your taller then slogo

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    Remember a Year ago jelly did a try not to laugh video or you throw a diamond in lava well he said he hates bees and now he loves bees

  • gloria arvizu
    gloria arvizu

    Jelly slogos new area has a secret base it is inside of the wall just like when you didn't know his real Secret Base in the past

  • cindy almeida
    cindy almeida

    He killed himself in the camp fire obviously. Surprise dummy

  • Tara-Jade Rudolph
    Tara-Jade Rudolph

    Josh has a secret bas as you come in the bedroom on the left side of the bed room you see three holes and ther is a lever bame

  • Blake Brown
    Blake Brown

    Benny will never have a moment of silence

  • Janet Pantoja
    Janet Pantoja

    slogo let beeinaminecart out

  • Cicely Gutierrez
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    jelly it was you the sign trapped him

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    I’m on team Benny

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    PLEASE EVERYONE LIKE THE VID WE NEED MORE BEE TOWN VIDSSSSS!!!!!!! (no pressure btw I just want bee town vids)

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    Beeny literly disponibilidade

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    Marcus Adjei

    6:53 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Marcus Adjei

    Lol jelly u had 5 diamonds

  • I’m funny and I have random content
    I’m funny and I have random content


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    Sligo found your Secret basement

  • Bent P
    Bent P

    Just found your secret Basement

  • Elizabeth and Landon
    Elizabeth and Landon

    6:03 and I thought. Crainers 10 seconds of silence were disturbing

  • Mayra Marroquim
    Mayra Marroquim

    Mobs in Minecraft despawn with out a name tag

  • Santino Aldaba
    Santino Aldaba

    This is EXACTLY me when the:..

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    Jaya Soburrun

    Please go to an end city please

  • Hmai Vanlalhmangaihi
    Hmai Vanlalhmangaihi

    Jelly is not crainer that take your bee slogo let him out and take your diamonds and said crainer

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    Tyson JD Keedwell

    Hay jley go to your swap and get a slam

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    haziq Bin KAMARUDIN

    Mr builders store jelly bee you not is the mr builders is evil


    Jelly you can hide your diamonds by throwing on a grasspaths block which has droppers under it